Founder & OWNER

Jesse Saler

I’m not going to write this in 3rd person. I refuse. Bio-rebel they call me. Sometimes I feel like an oxymoron. I have a super obsessive brain that focuses on ever little detail. For example, it’s taking everything in my power right now not to open up photoshop and correct all of the wrinkles in my shirt in this photo and that one hair sticking out the top right side of my beanie. Obsessive and meticuluous.  But also, I’m super emotional, cry like 3 times a day, please can we go in the woods and just feeeel. It’s honestly why I love landscape photography… nature just being nature makes me emotional.  Anyway…what am I getting at?  I guess what I’m saying is that I strive for my photographs to reflect that dichotomy . Fine-tuned attention to detail, but damnit they really make you feel something. After spending over a year in covid-quarnatine confined to our home, my wife Afton and I now have walls full of photographs and paintings and maps and old movie posters, etc. All of it is art that makes us feel and fills us every day with so much joy.  Individually and as a whole, they set the mood/vibe/tone of our home and (as I sit here and look around I realize) inspire us in one way or another.  
Take a look around the galleries and if you decide to purchase any of the prints, I truly hope it brings you that same joy and emotion and inspiration that your home deserves.
Okay, thanks for coming to my ted talk. Byeee.

The Team

CREATIVE & LiFe Partner

Afton Quast Saler is the co-adventurer and constant test subject for all of Saler Photography. She is an award-winning filmmaker and extraordinary artist, currently in development for a handful of television and film projects. 


Johanna is our dog and never not with us. So she gets a spot on the site. She wins.