It was the quintessential Los Angeles evening, the dream night for a wedding in Los Feliz. That perfect weather, that electric energy, that cool Sunset Blvd. vibe. And the best part… Sonny and Charlotte were getting married!  Two years earlier (608 days to be exact), this remarkably talented actor (Sonny) and badass botanist & Head Designer for Terrain (Charlotte) had their very first date at Covell, the local wine bar/watering hole of Los Feliz, CA. That night, they closed the place down. Chairs were being turned upside down. A classic sign that they were hitting it off. Little did they know that they would be getting married in the same spot 18 months later!



By hosting the wedding in their own neighborhood, they transformed their day-to-day into a symbol of their love. Personally, I love this! As the photographer, nothing brings me more joy than a couple doing the wedding THEIR way! It can be difficult to navigate these conversations with family and friends who often have strong opinions of how things should be.  Of course they have your best interests at heart, but their ideas just might not match up with yours.  It’s important to be honest with yourself, and communicate with everyone exactly what your needs are. Remember, it’s YOUR wedding.  🙂



Sonny & Charlotte opened their hearts and turned the evening into something extraordinary. Complete with over an hour of heartfelt speeches from their closest friends and family, the mood was grounded and authentic; a sign that this lovely couple had been true to themselves, and to their vision of their lives together.




As partners in life, they can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary just by doing it together, with love.  This intimate, love-filled Los Feliz wedding was just incredible.  Oh, and pro tip… apparently it helps to stay in a state of perpetual anticipation of the three Ja Rule songs on your playlist.  #isitreallapartywithoutjarule



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