These enchanting spring Pasadena engagement photos are brought to you today by a comedian and a financial advisor. Sounds like a match made in heaven, right?  No really, it is; love-at-first-sight type love.  An hour before meeting Andrew (the financial adviser) at a mutual friend’s BBQ, Rosie (the comedian) had just been dumped by a guy she was dating online. No joke. She was in no headspace for dating, let alone marriage, but the instant she saw Andrew, she “just got a feeling.”  Fast forward 6 months, Andrew popped the question, and here we are celebrating their engagement and the absolute love they share.


Rosie began alerting me early on as to how Andrew was a bit self-conscious and worried about taking photos.  Engagement sessions are actually the PERFECT opportunity before the wedding day to really become comfortable with the experience of being photographed. Once we begin shooting, I promise you will quickly forget I’m even taking photos.  Then, I’ll show you some of the shots directly on my camera, and you’ll say, “oh wow! I don’t hate these at all. I LOOK GOOD!”…  Cut to your wedding day, and we have a couple not stressing about photos, but living in the present and soaking in all the love they deserve. Needless to say, Andrew was fully relaxed within 5 minutes of shooting and by the end was DIRECTING THE POSES! LOL 



When we arrived at Pasadena’s charming Washington Park, the gently rising sun cast radiant beams of light through the statuesque trees. Shooting early allowed for an incredibly secluded environment, perfect for a couple to feel comfortable and confident in their authentic selves, which really shined through in the camera.  Wouldn’t you agree that these springtime Pasadena engagement photos really captured the “just got a feeling” love Andrew and Rosie share?




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