The sweetest pup in all the land.


At my wedding, a heavy metal rock band began practicing right across the street during our outdoor ceremony. My friend bribed them to stop with beer. Thanks again, Efren.

My middle name is Trevor.

Due to my OCD, I really freak out if I don’t respond to an email right away because I need to keep my inbox clean. So… you’re welcome.

Podcast-listening, crime fiction-reading, Netlix-binging cinephile? Correct.

Huge sports fan. Huge.

Once upon a time I was a professional actor in tv and movies, and I toured the world with my experimental theater company, Poor Dog Group.

As a kid, I thought I’d grow up to be a professional baseball player or tap dancer. It’s never too late, amiright?

My wife and I won a scooter on Let’s Make A Deal. We were dressed as “Pigs in a blanket” (i.e. we had pig noses and wrapped ouselves in a blanket.) I am both shamed and proud of that.

I don’t really like La Croix. (controversial, I know)

“Jesse is a friend with a keen eye for love… he is both invisible, and a source of light at the party. He is everywhere you want him to be, and the memory lives brightly because of his care for our big day.”

Charlotte + Sonny


Best pickup line ever: “Wait! What’s your name? Ashton? Spell it for me. Afton? No, that can’t be right.”
Yeah, smooth, I know. But somehow it worked and turned into a 3-hour conversation, which turned into a first date
(on the beach at 3am), which turned into moving in together (where we fell in love with Silver Lake), which turned into
getting married and building a life (with our silly little dog Johanna). 
My wife Afton is the driving force that gets me excited about photography and adventure and just waking up in the morning. She is an unbelievable filmaker, a genius writer, and an exceptionally witty force. She truly inspires me every day to be a more kind, patient, and generous human. And quite frankly, I wouldn’t be writing this right now if it wasn’t for her.
You see, our wedding was easily the best day of my life. There was this indescribable atmosphere of unconditional love & support from our friends & family that made our nuptials nothing less than magical. Being able to look at our wedding photos and relive the wonder of that day for the rest of our lives is something we will truly forever be grateful for. (Honestly, I still cry when I look at them; which, actually isn’t saying much considering I cried earlier today watching an old Boyz II Men youtube clip, so there’s that).
Anyway… my point is that I loved my wedding so much that becoming a wedding photographer was a no-brainer for me. Nothing thrills me more than the chance to capture the magic/wonder/duende of your love and share that experience with you.

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